10 makeup Hacks must try !

1. Mix a night cream with your foundation for extra luminosity:

To achieve super-dewy skin (this is a perfect trick for drier climates), blend a pea-size amount of night cream, like Mary Kay TimeWise Repair, into your foundation before applying it. (Tip via Deanna Melussa for Mary Kay at Tracy Reese.)

2. Apply highlighter in an inverted triangle formation to create depth without having to contour:

Using a fluffy blush brush — one that picks up enough product but not too much, like the Nars Yachiyo Brush — blend a golden highlighter (makeup artist Uzo used Nars Dual Intensity Blush in « Jubilation ») onto skin with sweeping circular motions to perfectly blend it in a triangular shape (that way you avoid having a strip of highlighter on your cheekbones).  (Tip via Uzo for Nars at Michael Costello.)

3. To avoid looking oily, keep the area from the top of your nose to your chin (think of it as a triangle shape) free of any luminous makeup:

If you need to, dust a translucent powder over the area to mattify it post-makeup application. (Tip via Sarah Lucero for Stila at Banana Republic.)

4. Build a believable glow in three simple steps:

To create a natural-looking tan, apply Laura Mercier’s Contour Cream on your face, top it with translucent powder, and then use a matte bronzer sculpt your cheekbones, jawline, and nose. (Tip via Ilde Goncalves for Sephora Pro at Mara Hoffman.)

5. For the most natural-looking brows, use three brow pencils (in light, medium, and dark tones) to shape and fill in your brows:

Since your brow hairs aren’t all one color (they’re light and dark variations of your hair color), you’ll want to mimic that effect when you fill in your brows in order for them to look as natural as possible. So, first, brush your lashes into place, then use the lightest pencil to shape your brows. Next, use soft flicks of a medium-toned brow pencil to make hair-like strokes that create dimension, followed by a darker one to add even more depth. (Tip via Gordon Espinet for MAC CosmeticsCosmetics at Desigual.)

6. Instantly get a diffused smoky eye in two steps:

First, using your finger or a brush, apply a cream-based shadow from lash line to crease. Next, top it with translucent powder to create a diffused, filtered effect. This helps it stay in place and also look filtered. (Tip via James Kaliardos for MAC at Nicole Miller.)

7. Focus applying mascara to the base of lashes and leave the ends untouched:

By not putting mascara on the ends, it keeps the focus on your eyes rather than the lashes. (Tip via Gato Ruben Zamora for Maybelline New York at Cushnie et Ochs.)

8. To keep eye shadow from falling onto your face, concentrate it with water:

first. Spritz some spray water onto your palm (makeup artistYadim used Vichy), swirl a fluffy shadow brush into it, then dip the brush head into the shadow before applying to your lid. This allows the shadow to stick to the water rather than falling onto your cheekbones. (Tip via Yadim for Maybelline New York at Marissa Webb.)

9. For a youthful, glossy lid effect, tap an opalescent lip gloss over your lids:

Try Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in « Silver Moon. » (Tip via Deanna Melussa for Mary Kay at Tracy Reese.)

10. For smudge-proof shadow, mix an eye shadow pigment with rubbing alcohol and it won’t budge or sweat off (Hello, festival makeup!):

Here, model Loni Venti used MAC Pigment in « Silver. » Note: Mix before applying and be very careful not to get in your eyes. The rubbing alcohol creates a tiny stinging effect on your lids that goes away in a few seconds. (Tip via Kabuki for MAC at Ohne Titel.)


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